How Safe is Your Storage?

The items that you have acquired throughout your life or in business are important and should be protected as such. When you leave your things in a storage unit you should not have to concern yourself with break-ins or robberies. You should be able to feel secure about the protection of your items, and know that the storage unit company has gone above and beyond to keep your items safe. Below are three ways to identify if your storage unit company is serious about protecting those things that are close to you.

Security System

What does the security system look like for the storage company you are considering? Can anybody come into the facility, or do you have to have a code? Are there video cameras? These are just a couple of questions you should ask your potential storage company. You want to make sure the things that you love are safe. A state-of-the-art security system shows customers that a storage company is serious about keeping their valuables safe. As a customer, you want to know that a company is doing all it can to protect your items. An up-to-date security system should do just that.

24 Hour Resident Manager

That is an awesome thing to have; someone who can watch the property where your items are 24 hours a day/ seven days a week. A resident manager will be able to walk the property any time of the day or night and make sure your storage is still safe and in the condition you expect it to be in. You can guarantee a storage company that utilizes a 24 hour resident manager is taking the protection of your items very seriously, and that is good news for any potential customer.

Gated Storage

Like a gated community, a gated storage is a used to protect and deter. Of course the storage must be fully fenced in to have its maximum deterrence effect. Also the gates must work and close as they are supposed to. It should be a real concern when a storage company has broken gates. There is no way to fully protect a whole facility if anybody can come in due to broken gates. A full lockdown of that gated storage at a certain time also helps to ensure safety.

There are many qualities you may be looking for in storage in Salt Lake City, and safety should be right there at the top of the list.