Innovative Clothing Storage

Depending on the size or style of your home you may need to get creative when it comes to clothing storage. To help you with this dilemma we at Millcreek Self Storage in Millcreek have gathered some innovative storage options for your clothing.

Add Shelving

We always seem to have a ton of unused wall space in our homes. Take advantage of this space and add shelving to store your shoes, jackets, clothing, and accessories. You can get creative as to where you place this shelving in your home. Placing a shelving unit in your garage can store extra shoes and boots you wear outside often. Have your clothing accessories on display in your bathroom or bedroom with some floating shelves. The options are endless.

Detached Wardrobe Racks

This is like a closet on wheels, allowing you to store your clothing anywhere you can find space for it in your house. These are especially useful if you are living in a studio apartment without a closet. To get more use out of your wardrobe rack purchase thin hangers to save on space. If you just can’t seem to make it all fit, use soda can tabs to double hang hangers.

Under Your Bed

We all seem to forget how much space is available under our beds. By purchasing slim storage totes or bins you can easily fold and stow away a large amount of your clothing. It helps if you stay organized and label all of your bins. This way you won’t waste time sifting through large amounts of clothing.

Use your Bookcase

A bookcase is a perfect storage option for your clothing and accessories. Repurposing it to hold clothing rather than books is a must when you are short on closet space. If you are diligent in your folding and organizing of clothing, this will provide an easy way to find what you are looking for.

The options for clothing storage are endless with a little creativity, determination, and organization. Don’t let the lack of closet space discourage you. If you need to reorganize the available storage space available in your home you can trust Millcreek Self Storage in Millcreek to provide you with a safe and secure storage unit for all of your extra item. Call us today to learn more about the storage units we have available.