Prepping your Winter Clothing for Storage

As the temperature rises and the summer months get closer it is time to pack up and store your winter clothing in a storage unit at Millcreek Self Storage in Millcreek, Utah. Switching out winter clothing for summer clothing is easy when you take the time to prep your clothing before placing it in storage. The tips listed below can help you in the process of putting your winter clothing in storage for the summer.

Clean your Clothing

Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is cleaned properly and thoroughly. Dirt and grime can cause clothes to deteriorate during its long stay. Follow all the washing instructions on the tags of your clothing. Make sure your clothing is completely dry before folding and placing them into storage bins.

Storage Bins

All your clothing should be placed in plastic storage bins that have an air tight, sealable lid. This will protect your clothing from any dust, dirt, or moisture that it may come in contact with. When storing your boots and shoes you will want to use old newspaper or balled up tissue inside your shoes to keep their shape intact when they aren’t in use. Don’t overfill your storage bins with clothing, doing so won’t allow the lid to closer properly and your clothes could be damaged in the process.

Garment Racks

If you prefer to hang your winter clothing you can purchase a rolling garment rack to put into your storage unit. To protect your clothing you can wrap them in plastic clothing bags and cover the rack with a cloth sheet to protect your clothing from dirt or dust.

Label Everything

It is always wise to label everything before placing it in storage. This will save you time and effort when you go back to retrieve your winter clothing. Place labels on all sides of your storage bins so you can easily see what is inside of each bin no matter where you place it in your storage unit.

Now that you have all of your winter clothing prepared you can enjoy the warm summer months with all of your summer clothing close at hand. You can always trust Millcreek Self Storage in Millcreek, Utah for the best storage tips and tricks. Check our website often.