Properly Storing your Couch

As we go through life we tend to accumulate a lot of items. This includes furniture. Whether you have upgraded to a newer furniture set or just acquired an extra couch from a relative, you may be faced with having to place it in storage. The storage units at Millcreek Self Storage in Salt Lake City can house your extra couch safely and securely. We have provided some preparation steps you should take before placing your couch in one of our storage units.

Clean it thoroughly

Before placing anything in storage you will want to make sure it is properly cleaned. Having a clean item in a storage unit will reduce its risk of receiving any wear, tear, and damage. Do some research as to how you should clean the particular fabric for your couch. If your couch is made of cotton, try to avoid cleaning it with water or water-based cleaning products. Vacuum every nook and cranny of your couch to remove any food or dust particles. Make sure the couch is completely dry before placing it in your storage unit.

Storage Space

Before placing your couch in a storage unit at Millcreek Self Storage in Salt Lake City you will need to make sure you are renting the appropriate size to fit your couch. Take measurements of your couch and rent a storage unit that will hold your couch with room to spare. Trying to store your couch in a unit that is too small increases the risk of damage to the couch.


To keep the quality of your couch intact you will want to take the proper precautions when it comes to protection. Before transporting the couch to your new storage unit you will want to disassemble any pieces you can to make it easier on your and the couch during transit. While it is in storage you may want to cover the couch with a drop cloth or sheets to protect it from any dust or dirt that might gather over time. Never use plastic-covers over your couch. They tend to create a build-up of moisture and will result in mildew on your couch. Try to store your couch off of the ground of your storage unit floor. Use wood pallets or tarps to provide a protective barrier between the floor and your couch.

Now that you have your extra couch securely stored in a storage unit at Millcreek Self Storage in Salt Lake City you can sit back and enjoy the couches in your home. For all of your storage needs you can trust our facility to give you what you need. Call us today to learn more about our facility.